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Article: CB Radio Use


Secrets of Successful CB Communications -- Making Memories Instead of Headaches.

by Del & Stacie Albright

CB Radio Microphone

Many of us use CB’s to conduct our events and convoys in the off-road world.  And I think it’s safe to say that Stacie and I probably attend as many events as anyone in our motorized world.  But for sure I can tell you that CB communication is probably the most ignored and ill-tended part of any convoy or event out there! 

We’ve had more bad than good experiences with CB’s.  However there are some secrets and tips that will help you be the best you can be on the CB.

First off, we will tell you that a lot of our trail friends, especially on the Rubicon Trail, say dump the CB and get a HAM (amateur radio) license.  CB stands for Citizens Band (no rules) radio and is a low frequency short-distance, mostly line-of-sight radio operating over 40 channels (in the 27-MHz band for you techies).  HAM on the other hand is a real radio, with real rules, and even the addition of long-distance repeaters.   But CB is our radio of choice for convoys so what say we get it right and make memories on convoys instead of headaches?

From our thousands of hours in trail rides, we can attest to the fact that most folks think a good trail experience is one that includes someone who narrates and talks about the trail – the flowers, the geology, the history, the landscape and the club behind the trail staying open.  The narrator does not have to be the Trail Boss, but someone in the convoy who has done some homework and has a GOOD CB RADIO!!! More here.

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