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A Small Club With a Big Heart!

By Joni Mogstad, BlueRibbon Coalition and Bohemia Sno-Sledders

Photographs by Kathryn Mogstad

The Oregon State Snowmobile Association recently adopted the Candle Lighters as the official charity for the organization.  The second weekend in January, the Bohemia Sno-Sledders with their small numbers and limited resources took the plunge and hosted an event at the Crescent Junction Snow Park that welcomed, entertained and fed 57 Candle Lighter members.  With assistance from the Walker Rim Riders and the Lodge Pole Dodgers, these children and their families were treated to rides on a variety of snowmobiles including two four stroke, two up machines. 

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Kids and dogs - click for a larger image
Wise and young alike -- click for larger image
Great snow for all -- click for larger image

These machines, their drivers and several helmets were contributed by Crescent Lake Resort.  Two member owned machines sported small sleighs that proved ideal for the very small children. 

When the children were not out on snowmobiles, they were playing on the “sled hill” that was constructed earlier by Ben Sunderland and his helpers.  The sled hill stayed busy all day and proved to be nearly as popular as the snowmobiles. Supervising the sled hill was a full time job for Don Mogstad. 

There were table games available in the warming shelter for use while toes and fingers warmed up and sox dried out.  We were so fortunate with the great weather that relatively little time was spent in the shelter….just a quick stop to warm up, have a cup of hot chocolate and then back out to the snow fun!

The Play Day folks -- click for larger image
Safety first -- click for larger image

A bit before noon lunch was ready in the Crescent Junction Community Center but the children were not yet ready to leave their play!  It took about 15 minutes of prodding and we finally got the first group loaded into Monty Baldwin’s ATV Ranger for the ride from the Snow Park to the Community Center where Kay Sunderland and her Bohemia and Walker helpers were waiting to serve up about 100 lunches!  Ron Coslers “herding” and trouble shooting skills proved to be invaluable.

After lunch came more snowmobile rides and a special treat, Lin and Dan Newmann with their Sled Dogs and Border Collie dogs treated us to a demonstration followed by dog sled rides for the children.  We had two friendly Husky dogs throughout the day courtesy of Mike and Cindy Gardner.  All these animals were a great hit with the children. They seem to sense the presence of illness and are especially gentle. 

About three in the afternoon a halt was called to the busy activity so a group photo could be shot and Candle Lighter kids and parents loaded on the Oregon Coachways bus for the 80 plus mile trip down the mountain.  This was a memorable day for Snowmobilers and Candle Lighters alike.  We all hope for a repeat next year.  As club members we were anxious about how to make this a positive activity for all those involved.  We need not have been concerned.  A special thanks goes out to the following for their contributions;

Designated Drivers and their sleds were Mike Gardner, Duane Mogstad, Jack Young, Bill Schuman, Elie Dulley, Ken Sims and the fellows from Crescent Lake Lodge.  Extra helmets provided by the Lodge, by Gary Dulley and by Mogstads were an essential element. Several individuals including Kingerys, Sunderlands, Birrers and Edmonds contributed donated and “loaner” clothing, boots, gloves and hats. Arlene Young brought the table games for the warming shelter.  Grif Varnon helped me staff the warming shelter. Kathryn Mogstad was our volunteer photographer and Linda Cosler was our on site nurse.  Sue Sims, Jeanne Varnon, Cheryl Baldwin and others assisted Kay Sunderland in the Community Center dining room.  Thanks to the Rogue Snowmobile Club and the Mt. Hood Snowmobile club for the advice and insight they provided me during preparation for this event.

Submitted by Joni Mogstad, President

Bohemia Sno-Sledders

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