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Calico Cleanup a Huge Success

By Mark Watkins, Event Organizer

Hosted by The Trail Crew/Los Angeles County Toyota Land Cruiser Association and Toyota Territory Off Road Association Southern California while being sponsored by Banks Power and other off-road sponsors that care about land use issues, our Calico Clean Up 2007 tasks and goals were accomplished through the joint efforts of various 4WD clubs and volunteers from California, Nevada, and Arizona. This clean up was made possible by the following committee members: Art Banks, Alan Draper, Mike Wood, Darrin Walker, Ron Quitevis, and Phil Aaland. 

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Photos by Mike Wood (click to see larger image)

Together our goal was simple; Clean Up the historic mining area-together.  We didn't care what group they were from or what type of a rig they drove up in. This wasn't a marketing campaign for any club, organization, or corporate manufacturing group.  It was solely about the Calico mountains that had been neglected for years.

The Calico Clean Up 2007 was a complete success.  The Bureau of Land Management Barstow Field Office was extremely grateful and appreciated our combined efforts.  We fed well over 600 volunteers and raised funds from our raffle to assist
Friends of the Rubicon/Rubicon Trail Foundation, Discovery Trails, and BlueRibbon Coalition.

We recovered five (5) abandoned cars, six (6) tons of scrap metal, and filled three (3) 40' roll off containers (unknown weight).  I wouldn't doubt it if we recovered 10-12 tons of trash and refuse from the Calico area once the final numbers come in from Burrtech Waste Management. 

We installed approximately 75 trail markers and cleaned up all the graffiti from the various canyons.  We also installed two kiosks. 

Our event was organized around the Recreational Incident Command System format that Del Albright provided.  This allowed us to safely and productively accomplish our goals throughout our massive clean up.  Please check out our website at to see the joint efforts and energetic folks working together.

In excess of 600 volunteers (and over 100 kids) participating, we had one incident where an individual group, not affiliated with our clean up decide to drive into an area off limit and clearly identified by the red signs.  One vehicle drove off the single tracked trail and ended up flipping over.  Although the parties were drinking and driving, no injuries were reported.  We quickly sent a recovery team and one of our E.M.T. 's from staging to assist.  We also notified BLM of the incident.  The vehicle was recovered and the mess was cleaned up.  Again, we had a detailed plan in place and it worked flawlessly. 

The Barstow Office staff of the BLM made it clear that this this was the most organized and well run events their office had ever witnessed. The Recreational Incident Command System (RICS) by Del Albright, made this possible.

Again, we are determined to set the bar and rally with other recreationalists to protect our lands.  I personally thank
Del Albright for the encouragement and the opportunity to make this event a true success.  I look forward to making this an annual event and working hand in hand with those that care about our area.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Watkins
Trail Crew/TLCA L.A. County
Calico Clean Up Organizer

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