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Cal4wheel Continues Support of Rubicon Trail
July 2006

From Scott Emmons, Rubicon Trail Patrol Director

I have some great news to share in keeping with our recent theme of some

fanstastic grants to FOTR. The Cal4Wheel Conservation and Education

Foundation has made a grant to FOTR in the behalf of Trail Patrol for 250

burlap-style trash bags. They also donated stacks of brochures, in-gear and

other magazines, and various other literature.

I am extremely grateful to CA4WDC in making this grant to us. This is some

GREAT support from Cal4Wheel to Trail Patrol and FOTR and shows their

continuing support for responsible four wheeling! In addition to Trail

Patrol presence, this helps solve potential trash issues by giving people NO

excuse not to pick up after themselves. All in all a win-win-win situation.

Thank you Cal4Wheel for helping keep the Rubicon alive and well!!

The next time you run into one of the fine people running Cal4Wheel, please

thank them for their continued support for recreation!

Expect to see the bags handed out from the Kiosk and elsewhere along the

trail over the summer.

You can visit the Rubicon Trail Patrol site at


Since the 1980's, the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) has helped to manage and save the Rubicon Trail, as well as maintain it. In 2001 when Friends of the Rubicon took shape, Cal4 blended in with FOTR (along with tons of other clubs) to allow FOTR to lead the effort and orchestrate the efforts on the Rubicon. Cal4 has always been there for us and this is just another example of their support of our trails. Thank you.

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