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Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber,

As you know, the Forest Service published a new rule requiring the agency to formally designate a system of roads, trails and areas where motorized vehicle use would be allowed. Forest Service regulation and other laws require the agency to conduct a planning process in collaboration with the public to help design the designated system. 

Over the past few months the public lands department, along with other volunteers from the off-road community, have spent numerous hours on the phone with FS officials compiling the most up-to-date information on Travel Planning on the National Forests.  As a result of that hard work we are now able to get this information out to our members and supporters.

Below is the information on California 's National Forests along with the link to the BlueRibbon Coalition's Beta version of our new Public Lands Page, where we have posted all the information, by state, on the National Forest we have so far.  This Information is updated as soon as the information comes in, so bookmark this site and check back often.

Any updates from our members will help in keeping this information as current and accurate as possible.  If you have information about your area's National Forest please email Ric Foster, Public Lands Assistant at

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact BRC.
Thanks in advance for your involvement,
Brian Hawthorne
Public Lands Director
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102

Public Lands webpage  then click on the Forest Service button.

Select and click any CA National Forest:

Angeles National Forest:
701 N Santa Anita Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 574-1613
Sonia Bergdahl: (626)574-1613
Although representatives from the Angeles Forest attended training on creating a travel management plan a few months ago, they have yet to begin formulating their own.  However, when they do begin they plan on following the 5 Step process used by all of California 's national forests.

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Cleveland National Forest:
10845 Rancho Bernardo Road
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92127
Ann Kerry

The Cleveland Forest is also using the 5 Step process, and is still on Step #1 which is verification of route inventory.  This means that the Cleveland Forest has posted maps of routes and is asking for public comment on its designated route system.  Cleveland will be holding public meetings to gather input on the maps and the process this summer.

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Eldorado National Forest:
100 Forni Road
Placerville, CA 95667
Lester Lubeken

Eldorado is currently in Step #4 which means they are conducting the EIS.  The first 3 steps went rather quickly because Eldorado was sued by OHVers and environmentalists for inadequate adherence to NEPA standards.  Thus the first 3 steps were dictated by the courts.  They are quickly moving through Step #4 and should finish the entire process by the end of the year if possible.

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Inyo National Forest
351 Pacu Lane
Suite 200

Bishop , CA 93514

Nancy Uppem: (760) 873-2427
Inyo is done with Step #1 and has been since last summer.  Step #2 is within days of completion as they are putting out their closure order assuming there is no problem with the map.  Inyo is 1/3 done with Step #3, having divided the map into 11 sections, and inventorying 900 miles of undesignated routes.  They currently have all of the information out to the public for 8 of the 11 sections.  They have held 4 public meetings, and 4 workshops to introduce the public to the whole process.  They have been engaging the public and trying to provide ways for them to provide feedback.  The last three sections should be done within the next 3 months.  They are aiming for September 2008 to be finished with the process.

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Klamath National Forest :
1312 Fairlane Road
Yreka , CA 96097-9549

(530) 842-6131
Bob Tally: (530) 841-4423

They are in Step #1 and are working to complete their forest inventory.  However, Klamath has already completed Step #2.  No forest order was issued for Step #2 because Klamath has comparatively light OHV use.  There is not much OHV use in the forest because of its extremely steep topography.  When it is used, riders tend to stick to the pre-existing roads.  Ergo, Klamath didn't issue a temporary forest order, but chose to freeze inventory in order to complete Step #2.  They are currently working to GPS all of their roads and trails, and plan to finish the inventory this summer.  Thus they plan on holding more public meetings this fall to officially complete Step #1.  Next fiscal year, they will begin Step #3.  Klamath was given an extra year to complete the 5 Step process, as listed in the memorandum of intent.  They plan to finish in 2009.

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Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit:
35 College Drive
Lake Tahoe , CA 96150

(530) 543-2600
Garrett Villanueva
Lake Tahoe Basin
has had its own process, known as the ATM (Access Travel Management Plan), since the 1970's.  Are working to produce maps to comply with national standards, but don't expect anything to change.

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Lassen National Forest :
2550 Riverside Drive
Susanville , CA 96130

(530) 257-2151
Elisabeth Norton

In the 5 step process, they are finishing Step #2 now.  Lassen is issuing its temporary forest order in September of 2006.  Right now they are finalizing the EIS to distribute to regional offices for concurrence, and then will issue the order for 30 day public notice.  Lassen has already held 27 public meetings. They have decided to deviate a bit from Step #3, because they want to work with public for a year and issue Step #4 in October of 2007.  They feel they need a year to identify routes and work with interested parties. Lassen is planning on going a bit slower to make sure the process is completed correctly.

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Los Padres National Forest :
6755 Hollister Avenue
Suite 150

Goleta , CA 93117

(805) 968-6640
Bruce Emmens

The Los Padres Forest is ahead of most other Region 5 forests in that a designated route system has been in effect in the Forest since the 1970's.  Right now officials are planning open houses to showcase their plan to ask for comments and to insure that the inventory process is finished.  The following map shows existing trails, officials are currently trying to decide which types of vehicles should be allowed on each trail:

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Mendocino National Forest :
825 N. Humboldt Ave.
Willows, CA 95988
(530) 934-3316
Mike Van Dame

The Mendocino National Forest has just finished the Step #1 in analyzing and designating the roads in the forest.  They are now starting on Step #2 which is developing a proposed action plan.

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Modoc National Forest :
800 West 12th Street
Alturas , CA 96101

(530) 233-5811
Robert Haggard

Modoc is still inventorying and tracking roads as part of Step #1.  They want to put out a correct map, so they're taking their time to make sure it is done right.  As such, Modoc is in its second round of field work.  They hope to be done with Step #1 by August, and they plan on skipping Step #2 since it doesn't suit Modoc and its needs.  Ergo, they'll go straight into public meetings and public input.  They hope to have the process done in 2008, but they need more funding in order to meet that deadline.

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Plumas National Forest :
159 Lawrence Street
Quincy , CA 95971

(530) 283-2050
Fred Kruger: (530) 283-7840
Plumas is in Step #2, and is almost ready to issue temporary order.  In the fall, they plan to start the EIS and looking at routes for designation.  Plumas finished Step #1 in December of 2004.  They're behind because they've been trying to find a special project manager to head the process.  They plan on finishing according to the schedule in 2008.

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San Bernardino National Forest :
602 S. Tippecanoe Ave
San Bernardino , CA 92408

(909) 382-2600
Mary Debolina: (909) 382-2608

San Bernardino is currently in the midst of Step #1 and has completed its preliminary inventory.  Also, they are completing an inventory of all of the routes that have not been previously inventoried, and are currently holding workshops to share that information with the public for verification.  They are working to prepare a motor vehicle route map, and want to start enforcing the CFRs.  They plan on making improvements to some of the routes and are hoping to publish the map by next July.  In late August San Bernardino will put together a NEPA team to begin the EIS.

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Sequoia National Forest :
1839 South Newcomb Street
Porterville , CA 93257

(559) 784-1500
Brenda Ehmann: (760) 376-3781
Waiting to hear back...

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Shasta-Trinity National Forest :
3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding , CA 96002

(530) 226-2500
Brenda Tracy

In the 5 Step process, they are still working on Step #1.  Shasta-Trinity route inventory map makers recently got back to work, and hope to complete their inventory by the end of the summer.  They hope to have all the maps available for review at the end of the fall.  Shasta-Trinity has already held a number of public meetings and want to involve the public as much as possible.

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Sierra National Forest :
1600 Tollhouse Road
Clovis , CA 93611-0532

(559) 297-0706
Susan Burkendine
They are struggling with the temporary forest order.  However, Sierra has held public meetings and completed all the Step #1 GPS.  They are now trying to document everything for the EIS.  Although they are currently bogged down in paper work, they are pushing through things to finish Step #2. Sierra keeps the website updated and sends out mailings to interested parties if you contact their office.

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Six Rivers National Forest:
1330 Bayshore Way
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 574-6233
Ray McCray

In the 5 Step process, Six Rivers is still in Step # 1.  As of this week, they finished up their route inventory.  Step #1 took longer than expected because the first draft was incomplete.  Now that everything has been completed, Six Rivers is getting the maps together and trying to notify the public for their verification.  It looks like this is going to occur in August, including public meetings.  Then they will head into Step #2 this fall.

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Stanislaus National Forest:
19777 Greenley Rd.
Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 532-3671
Sue Warren

They have completed the inventory, have held public meetings advising interested parties of the 5 Step process and had the public review the inventory.  They have a finalized second version of the inventory on the website; Stanislaus is completing Step #2 and #3 simultaneously.  Thus they are in the process of developing proposed action for Step #2.  They have a great resource in a group called the Stanislaus Recreation Stakeholders who are helping promote meetings and plan to start Step #4 in early September.  If you contact Sue, she will add you to the email update list serve for Stanislaus.

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Tahoe National Forest :
631 Coyote Street
Nevada City , CA 95959

(530) 265-4531
Phil Horning: (530) 478-6210

Tahoe is halfway through Step #2, but is facing challenges with the map.  However, they are moving into Step #3, and will start public meetings in September and issue the forest order as soon as possible.  The mapping process is extremely complex, but they are trying to finish the map by this fall.  They've been focusing on ensuring the quality of the map and attending information.  Once the map is finished they want to encourage public participation and input on routes.  Trying to stay in line with the FS timeline, and forecast finishing in 2009.

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