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Assembly Candidate (CA) Joel Anderson Needs Us!

When a real wheeler/OHV supporter is running for an office, we need to help out wherever we live. Joel Anderson is on our side and will help us to have responsible recreation opportunities. Please read this letter below and help if you can. thanks , Del

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Visit Joel's web site here:

Dear Off-Road Enthusiast:

Joel Anderson is the off-road community’s candidate for a seat on the Assembly.  We have known Joel for several years and, as a member of the San Diego Off-Road Coalition, he has been an ardent supporter of motorized recreation.  Joel ’s major opponent has demonstrated an active opposition to our sport.  It is crucial that the off-road community do everything possible to send Joel to Sacramento !

In support of Joel ’s campaign, Howard Hughes, of Off-Road Warehouse, has agreed to hold an open house at his store in El Cajon – located at 425 North Marshall Avenue - where you can meet Joel and talk to him about issues that concern you.  The event will be from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 12th.  Refreshments will be served.

If you can’t attend please send a generous contribution to Joel ’s campaign or from his web site.   It doesn’t matter if you live and vote in his district, he will have a voice and a vote in Sacramento that will impact motorized off-road recreation and off-road business opportunities across the state.  We need his support statewide!  Unfortunately, in today’s political environment, it takes significant funds to get elected and unless our supporters get elected they can’t help us.

So, please join us on January 12th for a fun time and meet a great candidate for state office.  If you can’t join us please do your part to help cover the election cost to put Joel in office.

With best regards,


Roy Denner                                Jim McGarvie               Harold Soens


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