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Primedia Magazines Step Up to Help Access
Feb. 07 Issues Ring Home the Right Message
 I no sooner posted to my contacts a bit about Rick Pewé from Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road wonderful editorial about the Rubicon (Feb. 07), when I opened my 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility magazine and there's Kevin McNulty (also Primedia) doing his entire column (Feb. 07) about responsible use and keeping our common sense when on our trails.  Awesome!

Rick's column was totally dedicated to the Rubicon Trail and Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR).   He touted how FOTR is setting the example for the rest of the world on how to properly manage a trail.

Kevin comes on board with his entire column about being smart, being responsible, and being part of organized recreation groups. 

Remember, for years these magazines sold because of big rigs on the cover and lots of coverage of trucks/rigs in rocks etc.  Shoot, we four-wheelers still like plenty of that.  But now we have two major magazines in their headline columns talking about the Rubicon and land use, access and being responsible.  Boy...maybe I can retire from this land use job and go fishing pretty soon.  ;)

Anyway, you can thank Kevin by emailing him at:

You can thank Rick by emailing him at:
I am posting this information to many lists around the country.  I am impressed and pleased at what Primedia is doing with their publications theses days.  Awesome!

Still smiling...Del

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