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Access, Land Use and Rubicon Trail Newsletter
December 2004 News from Del Albright

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Hi, Del Albright here, four-wheeling Ambassador for the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), and Environmental Affairs Coordinator for the Calif. Assoc of 4Wheel Drive Clubs.

I am also the Trail Boss for Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) as well as the President of the Rubicon Trail Foundation.

This is my annual newsletter on access, land use and the Rubicon Trail. Please let me know if you have any questions.

In this letter, I’d like to give you a quick run down on five important subjects, and let you know how your club or group can make a difference to our future. I want to tell you about:

1) The Rubicon Trail and recent closures

2) The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) and how you can get grant money for your trails;

3) The importance of belonging and having our voice heard.

4) Manufacturers/vendors of off road parts and what we need to do about them; and

5) My leadership course for volunteer groups and clubs that I offer by correspondence and now, hands-on, on-site workshops.

1) Rubicon Trail: The Spider Lake Closure has been lifted. Spider Lake is OPEN. However, we are treating the Spider Lake area with a very light touch....we must show the agencies that we can keep this high sierra lake clean and polluntant free. We plan to do that.

2) Recreational Trails Program (RTP): RTP is grant money is still out there and available for YOU to save YOUR trail. It’s available in nearly every state. It comes from the Federal Highway Administration and it is gas tax money collected for the sole purpose of giving us opportunities to enhance our trails. Read all about RTP and how to get involved at your location by visiting my web site:

3. Membership: Join whatever you can join. It's imperative that we all support as many organizations as we can. Believe it or not, it is dues (membership) that keeps our access fights alive and well. It’s that simple. BRC is a grassroots organization, and our funding to keep folks like me in the game comes from folks like you joining up.

4) Manufacturers and Vendors: The plain truth of the matter is that we have some manufacturers and vendors that support us in keeping our trails open, and we have others that don’t do squat but sell us stuff. It’s time to send them a message!

We need to support the folks that support us, and quit buying from those that don’t (if we can’t convert them). Nothing drives home a message like money. If we spend our money with folks that support us, and cut out the others, then we’ll be saving our trails as we build up our rigs.

Check out 4Wheeling Internet Radio Show!

5) Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC): I offer a correspondence course that helps folks get more organized and will build more trained leaders in recreation. On site (hands on) workshops are now also available. No where else can you find leadership training like this for volunteers.


I appreciate you taking time to read this letter and review these important updates with your club and friends. I also encourage you to have your Land Use/Conservation person contact me directly by email so I can get you on my access and land use email network. I write monthly columns and articles about access issues and I would be happy to make these available to you and your club. Just drop me a note with your contact information.

If you are not a BRC member, please consider joining today. If you want grant money for your trails, please look into the RTP program. If you want to learn how to manage a trail, check out what we’ve done with the Rubicon Trail.

Buy your parts from folks who support us.

Let me know if you’d like more information on the leadership course or the hands-on workshops. And lastly, let me thank you for your involvement in keeping our lands and trails open.

Sincerely, and in the spirit of cooperation and unity,

Del Albright

Read the whole newsletter in .pdf form

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