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The Nevada Coalition for Equal Recreation is about helping our land managers in Nevada keep our public lands open FOR the public; for generations to come. BlueRibbon Coalition is proud to help facilitate this statewide effort to bring recreationists together and develop a process wherein we all benefit.

Nevada BLM is in the process of OHV route designation and inventory of nearly 48 million acres of Nevada. Land Management Planning is in full swing. USFS National Forests are doing their plan updates as well. Much is happening. All Nevada motorized recreationists need to unite and communicate as to the best course of action, and how best we can all be part of the process.

Whether you're into sand dunes, like Sand Mountain, or canyons, like Wilson Canyon or Red Rock Canyon, or snowmobiling, ATV's, dirt bikes, or four-wheeling, NCER is about helping you communicate with others of a like mind to keep Nevada available to responsible recreation.
BlueRibbon Coalition is bringing the grass roots folks together through this list. The Off Road Business Association (ORBA) is bringing the businesses into this effort. Together, BRC and ORBA are determined and committed to helping Nevada do the right thing!

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Our email network is a subscribe only list. This means that we control who signs up and who sees our emails. So you don't have to worry about unauthorized visitors and spam. Most of the spam gets blocked out. That's not to say that some spam won't sneak through, but for the most part, we keep the junk off the list. You can do digest mode (all the emails of the day), or receive each email individually. You get that choice.

We can thank Off Road.Com for giving us this free space and email network. They are great supporters of our sports, so please say thank you if you get the chance.

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BRC in action in Nevada!

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