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Support Our Off-road Businesses as Best You Can this Season!

Do Your Christmas and Holiday Shopping "Off-Road"

Times are tough all over and some of our off-road businesses are going under -- or about to. Some are just keeping the lights on. We still have stuff that needs work; and we still have a Christmas list (of off-road goodies). PLEASE try to help keep our supporting businesses going. You can HELP.

Please buy from, and patronize those businesses that are helping us keep our lands and riding areas open. It's our way of helping them continue to help us.

A couple of examples that I know of that need us right now are Specialized 4Wheel Drive in Sacramento, JEEPCAMPING.COM, Olympic4x4 Products, and, to name just a few.

I would appreciate it if you would check out ALL my sponsors, land use partners, and business partners (located in the right column). Let's help them keep helping us. Now is not that time to lose businesses that we depend on for our land use and access battles, not to mention our land use organizations. PLEASE jump in and shop for your Christmas and holiday stuff by buying from these folks and giving the gift of membership to a recreational group/organization.

Here's just one recent example of a business who supports our access fights asking for our help:

Specialized 4Wheel Drive Inc.
8532 Clovely Lane
Sacramento, CA 95828
916-381-6735 ("around the corner" from the Cal4 office)

This note is from Joe Sand, President of Specialized 4Wheel Drive, Inc. You are receiving this
note because you are an off-roader, like my wife Amy Granat, and I.

We're asking for you to help us, so we can continue helping you.

Like many others, Specialized 4WD is being hit hard by the current economic downturn. When this is all over many shops like ours will have closed their doors. I am determined that we not suffer this fate as this would be a great loss to our off-roading community.

As CORVA Northern CA Director, Amy has helped make a big contribution to many land use issues and campaigns.  As a Trustee for the Cal4 Foundation and long time Cal4 member, I work to help educate our peers.  Together we strive to educate and empower local OHV users in the Sacramento area and around the state and to increase public awareness of the off-road community.

But this is all volunteer work.  As long as Specialized 4WD can pay the bills, Amy is able to spend nearly full time working for our right to use our public lands. We need your help for this to continue.

So, if you have an interest in land use and continued off-road access, we're asking you to help us help you. If any of your vehicles needs any work, you are supporting our sport in multiple ways by coming to Specialized 4WD.

- We are a FULL SERVICE shop. We do all repairs on ALL vehicles.

- The level of service and quality of work you will receive from us is
unsurpassed. Just ask a customer.

- We are, and always will be honest, and we stand behind our work.

As a full service shop, you can come to us for any and all diagnostics (free),
repair, or modifications you might need.  If there is
anything you need that we CAN'T do, we have partner shops that can.
We'll take care of it. Besides SUV's, off-road vehicles, and trucks, we
also repair, maintain and tune-up cars and have very satisfied fleet

Please distribute this to anyone who might be interested.

Together we'll not only keep your car/truck/SUV on the road, but we'll keep a trail under your 4x4.

Joseph Sand, President
Specialized 4Wheel Drive Inc.
8532 Clovely Lane
Sacramento, CA 95828


Start by joining or renewing your membership to your favorite organizations. Then shop at an off-road store or business for ALL your holiday needs.


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