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Cynical Politics of the Radical Protectionists

"Dust Devils" Article by Tim Findley of Range Magazine

If you would like a quick education (well-done one, I might add), on about everything the anti’s are trying to do to us and how we got where we are with public lands today, read the article Dust Devils by Tim Findley from Range Magazine.

Tim takes us thru a quick history lesson that covers endangered species, ranching shut downs, water issues, Wilderness, and many other topics in a quick but thorough article.  It’s well researched and just plain full of stuff that will make you gag, but also open your eyes more to what these types of people are doing to our public lands and our resources.  You will be amazed. And for those of you a bit new to land use and access, this is a great place to start a more comprehensive look at politics, land use, and access in general.

By the way, Range Magazine is a great read if like reading about ranching, the old west way of life, and public lands as well.

Read Dust Devils here: http://www.rangemagazine.com/



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