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California Off Roaders for Bush-Jones

This 2004 election campaign may very well tell the tale of motorized recreation. We as off-road (off pavement) recreationists must get out and get the vote for President Bush. In California, we also need to get Bill Jones elected.  It's time to take some serious action -- all of us. NOW. Get in the game now to help get folks elected who believe in our freedom to recreate responsibly.

For those folks outside California, make sure you and all your friends are registered to vote. Please read all the web sites you can find about the choices, and vote for your recreation. Join the Bush-Cheney team and do what you can do. Read the news links above. Get involved.

For Californians, we have a serious battle ahead of us. We need to get Bush and Jones elected in CA.  It's time to un-elect folks who keep going after more Wilderness and public land closures. It takes our help to do it. There are several things you can do:

1.  Join the Bush-Jones team here in CA. Email Jim McGarvie, our team leader for more on how to do this and what it entails.

2. Get on Off Roaders for Bush sticker and display it proudly. Please remember to set the example of responsible recreation while displaying your support of our President.

3.  Join your local political groups and election efforts to get good folks in office -- folks who support our recreation.

4. Get campaign signs and put them in your yard or place of business.

Again, email Jim McGarie, our CA Team Leader and find out how else you can help.


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