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Del's Jeep Rebuild (photos)

May 2001, the BlueRibbon Coalition Board of Directors appointed me as the first (part time) BlueRibbon Ambassador. The name Ambassador was chosen because it represents what I will be doing -- a special delegate on a diplomatic mission. Unfortunately, as of July 2018, BRC illegally terminated my contract. I am no longer affiliated with or in support of BRC.

I am still available to assist clubs and individuals with land use, access and organizational development issues.

Feel free to take advantage of these services.

WORKSHOPS: If you'd like help with local issues, access, land use, membership, getting involved, understanding bureaucracy, etc., I am able to put together a customized workshop for your group/club. Drawing on my articles and writing, combined with 35 years in the land use/access arena, you will find these sessions invaluable.

If you'd like online help on any of the above issues, just email Del.

Here are some topics I can help you with online:

Avoiding Burnout in Clubs and Groups
Building up a club or group.
Facilitation Help and Training
Getting involved with government (agencies).
Grant Money -- Getting money to fix up a trail or keep a trail open.
How to Get Involved in the Public Lands Process
Land Use
Leadership Training and Volunteer Motivation
Meetings, conventions and workshops.
Recreational Trails Program grant money
Rig modifications and questions.
Understanding the anti-access radicals.
Where to look for answers about multiple use issues.

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