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Action Alert March 2006 -- Moab, Utah and Easter Jeep Safari (EJS)

From our friends and my supporters at USA-ALL (Utah Shared Access Alliance)

Play the Moab Rock Game and See Moab Pictures from 2005

Spring is in the air!

Folks are starting to make plans to visit favorite springtime recreational destinations including... MOAB !! (I know I am!)

There are a couple of important updates concerning Moab, and this year there will be some additional restrictions related to the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, so I thought it would be worth the time to whip up a quick Moab Update

This update is a MUST READ update for anyone visiting Moab . I've included from very "frankly speaking" type of stuff and it concerns news on yet more camping restrictions and a special note for those who ride 10-Mile Wash. We've also got news on the BLM's restrictions for the EJS trails.

Breaking News:  BRC just received word that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) has appealed the Moab Easter Jeep Safari permit.  SUWA has not requested an immediate stay, so it will not affect this year's Safari. We will keep you updated as we know more.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to give us a call or email.

Brian Hawthorne
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 102


Moab BLM set to release their Draft Management Plan for public review and comment
The Moab Field Office (MFO) of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in the process of revising their Resource Management Plan (RMP). An RMP is a basic document that guides how natural resources, activities, and use on the public lands will be managed during the next 15 years. BLM began the process about two years ago and is about to issue the Draft Environmental Impact Statement along with a Draft Management Plan (as well as a range of other management alternatives). According to BLM, the document will be released for public review sometime before fall of 2006.

The BLM has been considering nominations for potential Areas of Critical Concern (ACEC) and nominations of rivers for possible inclusion in the Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

 More information is available on BLM's website at:

BRC recommends you take this opportunity to get on the BLM's mailing list so when the Draft Management Plan is released you can have a copy sent to you. Simply send a card, letter or email and ask to be put on their mailing list for the RMP revision. Send your info to: Brent Northrup, Project Manager, BLM MFO, 82 East Dogwood, Moab , Utah 84532,
(435) 259-2100 or via email to:

As always, BRC will notify you of key comment periods as well as analysis and review via our email Action Alert system. Tell all your friends to subscribe today:

BLM implementing "one-way" and restricted use provisions on EJS trails for Safari Week

Breaking News:  BRC just received word that the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) has appealed the Moab Easter Jeep Safari permit.  SUWA has not requested an immediate stay, so it will not affect this year's Safari. We will keep you updated as we know more.

As a result of increasingly crowded travel conditions during the Easter period, the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Jeep Club has petitioned for a provision allowing exclusive use and "one-way only" on selected Jeep Safari routes for the week of April 8 - 16, 2006. In recognition of the historical importance of the Jeep Safari and the club's long term route maintenance efforts, and in cooperation with Grand County , the BLM has granted this request.

Three routes will be one-way for the entire week of Jeep Safari.  They are:
Steelbender: this route will be one way going north to south (i.e., from the golf course entrance to Flat Pass)
Kane Creek: this route will be one way going north to south (i.e. from the Hurrah Pass turnoff to the end of the road at U.S. Highway 191)
Hell's Revenge:   this route will be one way going east to west (i.e. from past the Sand Flats booth to the exit west of Lion's Back)

Seven routes will be restricted to Jeep Safari participants for a portion of the days when the club has a scheduled group running the route. (This does not apply to non-motorized travel.)  The Red Rock 4-Wheelers feel that this will provide a better experience for their guests, as well as prevent potential resource damage caused by overcrowding. 

In general, the route will be restricted during the morning hours, although in-and-out routes may stay restricted into the early afternoon.   The Club will have a monitor posted at the entrance to each exclusive use route (on days it is "run"), explaining other options for motorized recreation; the monitor will reopen the route when the Red Rock 4-Wheelers group has cleared the area. 

Below is a chart showing which routes will be available exclusively for Jeep Safari participants for portions of a given date.  No other routes in the Moab Field Office are affected. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers are asking for help in providing a quality event by choosing another route during that time.

Routes and Dates for Exclusive Motorized Use by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers
(for the morning and early afternoon of that date)

                       Sat.         Sun.        Mon.        Tue.        Wed.        Thu.        Fri.          Sat.         Sun.

Route            Apr. 8     Apr. 9     Apr. 10      Apr. 11   Apr. 12     Apr. 13    Apr. 14    Apr. 15    Apr. 16


the Rocks                                    X                                             X           X             X                               .

Cliffhanger                                     X              X             X             X           X            X                  

Gold Bar

Rim                                              X                              X                           X             X                 


Spike             X                             X             X                              X                          X          X    

Moab Rim      X                                            X              X                             X            X                 


Spider Mesa                 X                              X                              X            X            X                 .


Canyon                                       X            X                               X                          X                   


BLM announces additional camping limitations on BLM land near Moab

I must speak frankly to all our members and supporters. The manner in which BLM has limited camping in the MFO has the motorized recreation extremely concerned. Without going into unnecessary detail, we believe the BLM is exceeding its authority by limiting camping to designated campsites outside of the lawful planning process. Since 2001, many popular campsites have been closed without any opportunity for public comment or for the public to suggest alternatives that would keep the campsites open.

Years ago, the Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL) challenged the campsite closures as well as BLM's authority to make landscape level planning decisions outside of the public process. That case is currently being reviewed by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. To learn more and support USA-ALL's efforts please visit their website:

Until the case is finally decided, BRC strongly encourages our members and supporters to abide by the camping restrictions.

This year, BLM MFO announced new limitations on dispersed camping in six areas. Dispersed camping will be limited to marked and designated sites in the area north of Highway 313, south of the Blue Hills Road, west of U.S. Highway 191 and east of the Dubinky Well Road .

In addition, dispersed camping will be limited to designated sites in the area where the Hurrah Pass Road crosses Kane Creek, around Dripping Springs in Ten Mile Wash, on the west side of Spanish Valley, within one mile of developed recreation sites in the Canyon Rims Recreation Area and along the Pack Creek and Black Ridge Roads.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Again, in the "frankly speaking department"...

Concerns about impacts from dispersed camping are entirely legitimate. We just think the BLM ought to propose changes to current management such as where camping is allowed with full public involvement!

The level of camping occurring in the MFO is significant, and we all need to do our part to keep it open. So PLEASE:
Pack out all trash
Carry out all solid human body waste
Camp in existing campsites and use existing campfire rings

For more information on the camping restrictions please contact Russ von Koch, Moab BLM, 82 East Dogwood , Moab , Utah 84532 at 435-259-2100 or visit their website at

BLM marks routes in Kane Creek

The BLM has clearly marked the route in Kane Creek. We applaud the agency for marking this popular route and especially want to thank members of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Jeep Club for volunteering to help BLM in this effort.

BRC wants to remind all visitors to Moab to stay on the trail!

Representatives of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) have been in the 10-Mile Wash lately taking pictures of routes in and out of the wash. BLM has posted all legal travelways in and out of 10-Mile Wash with carsonite trail markers and posted all unauthorized routes with closure signs.

As always, BRC wants to impress the importance of staying on the trail.

There are two legally closed canyons that we would like to especially ask the OHV community to keep an eye on. One is Cow Canyon and the other is Trough Canyon , both on the "east" side of 10-Mile Wash. Both canyons are being watched by BLM and SUWA and any violations will likely be used in efforts to close the entire area.

BRC is working with USA-ALL to keep the roads and trails open and I'd like to ask for your assistance. Please respect all closed signs. If there is a question about the correct placement of any closed sign please contact BLM or BRC. Stay on the trail. Again, if you have any questions about where it is legal to ride: ASK FIRST!

For more information on travel rules please contact Katie Stephens, Moab BLM, 82 East Dogwood , Moab , Utah 84532 at 435-259-2100 or visit their website at:

PS: This is precisely why it is so very important that you get on BLM's contact list so you can view and comment on BLM's future travel planning.

Play the Moab Rock Game and See Moab Pictures from 2005

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