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TOPIC: Sweetwater Mountains Landscapes and Sunsets
The Sweetwater Mountain Range is under attack by exclusionary elitists who want to make it Wilderness.  It is also NOT in the current inventory of the USFS as a road, so it could go away for this reason alone. WE MUST STOP THIS and Save Our Sweetwaters. Visit this site to help.
Wheeler Peak of the Sweetwater Mountains, with the "sweetwater swirl"
Sweetwater Mountains, Wheeler Peak, showing the "Sweetwater Swirl, by Del Albright

The Sweetwater Mountains of California: In this image, Del Albright, outdoor writer and photographer for over 25 years, captures the images of an eastern Sierra Nevada sunset along the Sweetwater Mountains near Bridgeport, California. Del Albright's photography encompasses a wide range of subjects. He specializes in capturing the spirit of our landscape and its people. Here are samples of his landscapes and nature photography in the Sweetwater Mountains of California.

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