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4/18/12: Save The Hammers (Johnson Valley) Video -- tells the story -- help needed now.

3/11/12: Access Army Times Newsletter, March 2102, of the virtual world of access warriors.

2/21/12: Videos by Team Albright -- landuse, products and BlueRibbon Coalition messages.

2/21/12: Help SAVE the Hammers and Johnson Valley (video by Del Albright)

2/21/12: Arizona Trails with Team Albright -- near Bullhead City and Lake Havasu, AZ (video)

2/21/12: Pack Out Your Trash -- with; Keep public lands open! (video)

1/21/12: Soundscapes and More Oddball Ways to Close Public Lands, article by Del & Stacie

1/17/12: Trail PAC Roundup -- 100 More to Even the Score

1/4/12: Rubicon Trail Foundation supports landuse book from Team Albright

1/2/12: TOP 10 OHV Predictions for 2012 from Donstradamus (for fun) from Don Amador

1/2/12: Access Army Times Newsletter for January 2012, by Todd Ockert, Editor and Warrior


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12/20/11: LANDUSE APP FREE to DOWNLOAD -- or just use the new Mobile Site for Landuse

12/20/11: About Being A Volunteer -- tips to help you decide where YOU fit.

12/15/11: Master-Pull Partners with 4405 Landuse Buggy, Racing for Access

12/5/11: Quartzsite, AZ BLM Meeting with Rockhounds and Off-Roaders, January 20, 2012.

12/2/11: Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT) II and Winter on the Rocks in Utah

11/21/11: New Landuse Stuff on here.

11/18/11: T&T Customs Jeep Doors for BRC and on Jeep Albright, the Land Use War Machine

10/26/11: TAPT Starts Today -- Follow Us on the Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT) here

10/26/11: Landuse and Access News from Team Albright, 10-26-11, National Headlines in saving trails.

10/25/11: Del Albright Endorses Trail PAC (Political Action Committee) for saving trails.

10/12/11: Christmas Auction for BlueRibbon Coalition 2011 eBay products up for bid.

10/12/11: Team Degenerates Win Pomona Expo Team Challenge for Best Prepared Trail Rig

10/12/11: Blue Star Warriors to support BlueRibbon Coalition

910/5/11: JKS Manufacturing Signs On as BlueRibbon Travel Sponsors for Pomona Off Road Expo

9/25/11: Lucas Oil Pomona Off-Road Expo Announces BlueRibbon Coalition as 2011 Official Charity

9/22/11: The Story and History of NAMRC and Land Use Beginnings in CA

9/20/11: Article: Successful CB Communications Tips -- by Del & Stacie; making memories with the CB.

9/20/11: Pomona Off-Road Expo Team Challenge -- BRC hosted contest open to public.

6/27/11: June 2011 Landuse News and Highlights from Del & Stacie Albright, Recreation Advocates

6/24/11: Cal-NEVA Extreme Rock Crawling Competition Schedule 2011 -- Press Relase

6/21/11: BRC Don Amador Testifies in Congress again....Clear Creek and Landuse issues

6/21/11: Eldorado Lawsuit (Rubicon Trail) Update from BlueRibbon Coalition.

6/4/11: Off Pavement Patriotism; article by Del & Stacie Albright; it's all about freedom.

5/5/11: Jeep Albright to get TnT Customs Suspension and Upgrades.

3/31/2011: Albright Jeep Morphs Again with new additions! Land Use War Machine new "shoes" and bumper!

3/16/2011: Sierra Trek 2011, by Cal4Wheel (CA4WDC), with the addition of ATV and UTV trails!

3/15/2011: Reno, NV, Off-Road Expo and Home/Garden Show, March 25-27.

2/22/2011: TDS Desert Safari 2011 Press Release and Information -- I'll be there!

1/10/2011: Southwest Crawlfest, St. George, UT, next on the agenda; perfect weather expected. See video too.

1/6/2011: King of the Hammers Race-a-Thon Pledge Drive to save trails (landuse buggy 4405)

1/3/2011: Access Army January 2011 Newsletter (from editor, Todd Ockert)

1/2/2011: Ford Raptor Team Takes on Dakar 2011(from Chris Collard)

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12/30/2010: Frank Funk Wins WARN Winch from RLTC Training Course (by Del Albright).

12/29/2010: Help STOP De-facto Wilderness GRAB on BLM Lands

12/20/2010: 50 Years of Off-Roading; article by Del

12/17/2010: Lame Duck Omnibus Bill Needs Our VOICE -- now! Please read Del's blog and make a call quick.

11/24/2010: Great American Jeep Rally (GAJR); Article by Dan Stra; Somers, CT event

11/16/2010: RLTC and VLLS Leadership News and Volunteer Training NotesNov. 2010 from Del

11/15/2010: National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS), and America's Great Outdoors Initiative (AGOI), explained

11/12/2010: PEP -- Partnership Empowerment Program, from BlueRibbon Coalition.

10/27/2010: King of the Hammers Grants Merit Entry to Landuse Buggy 4405; Fund-raiser race for access!

10/24/2010: Article by Del; Crescent Wrench and a Creeper; vehicle maintenance made easy.

10/20/2010: Trail Party formed to help Off-Road Voters.

10/5/2010: Access Army October Newsletter (Army Times) with lots of landuse information nationwide.

9/20/2010: Reno Stampede Club Challenge Winners Announced.

9/2/2010: Reno Stampede; Exit 28 Motorsports Park Gate Info and Press Release

8/30/2010: America's Great Outdoors Initiative Update 8/30/2010 from BlueRibbon Coalition -- IMPORTANT to know.

8/27/2010: Article: The Jeep That Saved the Day (and our lives), by Del & Stacie Albright

8/27/2010: BlueRibbon Coalition Supports HR 5580 - National Monument Designation Transparency And Accountability Act. Read more on BRC's site.

8/4/2010: Cantina for the 'Con 2010 Rubicon Trail Fund Raiser on Labor Day Weekend -- Get your tickets now.

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7/28/10: Access Army August Newsletter -- Don't miss the news!

5/24/10: Article: Discoverers, Developers and Merchants, how the old west and landuse are similar, by Del Albright.

5/19/10: Klim USA and BlueRibbon Coalition Team Up to Save Trails and Keep Motorized Sports Alive -- and you get the DEAL!

5/19/10: Tellico: Lawsuit Filed by BlueRibbon, United and Southern FWDA; we want Tellico OHV Area BACK!

4/12/10: Moab Jeep Safari 2010 -- a photo essay of some highlights

4/12/10: MFS Adopts Albright Jeep -- Motorsports Fabrication Services Supports Land Use and Access

4/5/10: Video of Del giving out "Hero Awards" to Kurt Schneider and Travis Carpenter for landuse work and fund-raising

4/5/10: BFGoodrich Tires Announces Outstanding Trails for 2010 -- Press Release

3/17/10: Article: (landuse) Stop the Stink, by Del Albright -- our country is not "smelling" well in some areas.

3/17/10: PRP Seats, Original Owner Back at the Helm; Press release.

3/17/10: CA - Carnegie SVRA Opened Back Up -- Great job by all. See the General's Blog about it here.

2/23/10: ThumperTalk Forums Need Your Vote so they can Support BlueRibbon Coalition with Grant Money!!

1/25/10: Article: Rumbling of Thunder, in the OHV skies, by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition

1/18/10: NOHVCC DVD's on Public Lands Advocacy, available for free

1/12/10: CA 25th Assembly District Candidate, Kurt Vander Weide -- good for access!

1/4/10: King of Hammers Eco-Challenge for Recycling and Pack it Out

1/4/10: King of the Hammers Land Use Pledge -- Raising Funds with a Race Pledge (for BlueRibbon Coalition and others)

1/4/10: Poison Spyder Laser-Fit Cage, New Product from an Awesome Sponsor and Business

1/4/10: BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) Launches New Look Website for 2010 -- Premier Land Use Website

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12/28/09: Carnegie SVRA Protest Rally 2009

12/24/09: Sad News in CA of the passing of Land Use Activist, Don Klusman of CA4WDC

12/16/09: Rubicon Trail; BlueRibbon Coalition Comments on Bypasses and Route Recognition

12/10/09: Christmas Auction, BlueRibbon Coalition, Last Call for a ton of off-road goodies

12/9/09: Access Army December '09 Newsletter (pdf)

11/28/09 Poison Spyder Supports Access Army with new limited edition Rocker Knockers

11/28/09: Raceline Wheels by Allied Joins Albright Land Use War Machine Jeep

11/28/09: Article: Rebuttal from Park Ranger to Del's Article about kids.

11/28/09: 2010 War Machine - Albright Jeep New Look and Sponsors

11/12/09: Hump 'n Bump Report from event -- Logandale with Vegas Valley 4Wheelers (video)

10/30/09: SEMA Offers Helpful Land Use Guide -- SEMA Action Network (SAN)

10/27/09: King of the Hammers Race Buggy Driver WANTED! (win a chance to drive)

10/23/09: Video; Justin Hall Crawlin' for Crohn's Disease at W.E. ROCK event, Surplus City, CA

10/22/09: 4Wheel Parts Partners with BlueRibbon Coalition in Huge Membership Incentive Gift Card Deal

10/21/09: Music, by Del, back by (not-so-popular demand), original "wheeling" words campfire songs

10/21/09: Magazine Empire Source Interlink Partners with BlueRibbon Coalition in Membership Drive

10/21/09: buys and expands off-road empire

10/15/09: Tellico OHV Closures Causes Outcry from Recreation Groups -- press release

10/14/09: Wisconsin OHV Assoc. (WOHVA) New Coat for Del -- land use and access stylin'

10/12/09: BFGoodrich Tires Partners with BlueRibbon Coalition to Save Trails Nationwide

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10/5/09: FOTR Rubicon Trail Tahoe Side Work Party -- waterbar maintenance by Doug Barr

10/3/09: Roy Denner, a great friend, passes away -- Tribute to a land use warrior

10/2/09: Wilderness Zombie -- the undead -- Blog by Don Amador, and what we can do

10/2/09: Rubicon Trail Public Meeting (Little Sluice) Wrap Up

10/1/09: Article; Strategies to Win the War on Access -- by Del Albright

9/15/09: CA4WDC (Cal4) Raffle Jeep Press Release -- $2.00 to win!

9/14/09: Rubicon Trail Public Meeting, Little Sluice and Size of Rocks, 9/16/09

8/26/09: Hawaii Gets New Off Road Park -- Sandbox Hawaii

8/25/09: FOTR Rubicon Trail Work Day Little Sluice Cleanup, Aug. 29th

8/24/09: Vegas to Reno Off Road Race, Best in the Desert, 2009

8/24/09: Cantina for the Rubicon Trail Fund Raiser 2009

8/17/09: NorCal Rock Races and Rubicon Trail (video interviews)

8/16/09: NorCal Rock Races Nose Dive by "Cheeks" of the Rock Zombies

8/12/09: FOTR Sep. 26th Work Day Signups-- Nat'l Public Lands Day

8/11/09: Travel: Mendocino Coast of CA; attractions, food, lodging and more

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7/27/09: August FOTR Work Weekend Signups Available, please jump in right here

7/16/09: J&W Auto Wreckers ( Become Albright Premier Sponsors

7/7/09: RLTC Grad Gets Rewarded with 4WheelingPlus Free Tire Plug Kit

7/7/09: BlueRibbon Rocks Out in Access with Rock Band

7/7/09: NRA, BlueRibbon Coalition and Travel Mgmt. Plans (access to lands)

7/6/09: Recreational Trails Program Help from BlueRibbon Coalition (and you)

7/5/09: Border to Border, All Dirt Roads, my recap and pics of the adventure

7/5/09: Independence Day July 4th Parade, small town, CA with 4WD Club

7/3/09: Watch/hear Elvis do an American Trilogy -- turn up your speakers

7/3/09: Interim Trail Bosses, Friends of the Rubicon, FOTR

7/2/09: Tour of Poly Performance Factory and Buildups -- new BlueRibbon Members

6/25/09: "PISTOL" Pete Sohren, Baja Racing Star, Says Join BlueRibbon Coalition

6/24/09: FOTR Work Weekend, July 18th, Sign Up

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6/23/09: Reno Rocks 4x4 and WE ROCK Report and Pics

6/23/09: BlueRibbon Special on Magazine Ads for Businesses and Events

6/23/09: JK Summerfest, Lake Irvine, CA, June 27th, BRC will be there

6/23/09: Carl Gooch is Protect Your Right to Ride KTM Motorcycle Winner

6/23/09: BlueRibbon Concerned over Obama Pick for BLM (press release)

6/23/09: BlueRibbon Online Survey to Build a Better BRC (open invitation to participate and win)

6/2/09: Del Embarks on Border to Border Overlanding Adventure with Chris Collard

6/1/09: Article: Little Wins and Rays of Hope, by Del

6/1/09: Rubicon Trail, FOTR, Kiosk Staffing and Trail Counts 2009

5/28/09: CO High Mountain Trails At Risk -- Letters Needed, Gunnison and Taylor Park

5/27/09: Military Jeepers and Land Use -- Getting Involved for Freedom at Home

5/27/09: Alert: Massive Wilderness Bills Hitting the Airwaves AGAIN!

5/4/09: Article: View From the Locked Gate, by Del Albright

5/4/09: FOTR Rubicon June 2009 Work Weekend Sign Up and Info

4/9/09: CA - Eldorado Nat'l Forest Open Houses for April 2009 - designated routes explained

4/9/09: Utah: Anti-Access Groups Trying to Lock Up 7 million Acres and Stop Oil Leases

4/8/09: Electric Dirt Bikes Have Hit the Trail and Set New World Records

4/8/09: Tellico (OHV Area) Emergency Closure -- just plain wrong!

4/4/09: Safari Straps Donates 10% of Sales to BlueRibbon Coalition -- Del adds them to the red Jeep

4/3/09: Partners with BlueRibbon Coalition to Save Trails and Keep Sport Alive

4/3/09: CA: OHV Grants Need Letters of Support (ASAP)

3/31/09: Poison Spyder Customs (hard core off road) is back in business! (under new owners)

3/8/09: Warn Winch Top Prize for Del's RLTC Training Course 2009

3/5/09: Article: The Future Is Calling. Who will be there to answer? by Del

3/1/09: FOTR (Rubicon) Annual Meeting Notes

2/26/09: Volunteer Training Course (RLTC) has new FREE Try Me offer

2/26/09: Lead issues in kids products still a hot topic (BlueRibbon home page)

1/14/09: New Internet Access Army Being Built by BlueRibbon Coalition -- See if this is for you.

1/13/09: Johnson Valley (Hammers) Letters Needed Quick -- Get sample here

1/10/09: CA; Wilderness Proposal Meeting in Trona, CA -- Urgent meeting Jan. 13th.

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12/30/08: Training Course (RLTC) Grand Prize Winners Announced (press release)

12/26/08: Tahoe Nat'l Forest Plan DEIS Comments by BlueRibbon Coalition

12/21/08: Book Review: CAUTION:Funny Signs Ahead, by RoadTrip America

12/18/08: Clear Creek (CA) Management Area (CCMA) Open Letter from BlueRibbon

12/15/08: BlueRibbon Opposes Losing Johnson Valley OHV Area to Marines

12/15/08: Dennis Mayer -- Celebration of Life

12/12/08: Book Review: FunTreks ATV Trails Guide (series from Charles A. Wells)

12/11/08: CA: Southern Inyo Wilderness Meetings -- OHVers need to be there

12/2/08: Hammers (Johnson Valley) Meetings, Dec. 2008 -- Public Needs to Attend

11/26/08: FOTR Annual Meeting 2009 Sign Up Page and Info

11/25/08: Dennis Mayer Celebration of Life (Dec. 14th)

11/22/08: Holiday Shopping Tips -- and a Plea for Help for our Motorized Recreation Businesses

11/20/08: Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Training 2008, Class #4

11/18/08: Dennis Mayer Tribute -- passing of a friend and hero

11/12/08: Article: A New President! Now What? - mobilizing OHV forces

11/10/08: Hump 'N Bump Event, Logandale, Nevada -- photo essay

10/26/08: North State Autobody Grand Opening (pics and story), Jackson, CA

10/24/08: Off-Road Expo, Pomona, Photo Essay (pics)

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10/23/08: Albright Jeep Gets New Bumpers and Lights (thanks to JEEPCAMPING.COM)

10/20/08: Photography: Sand Tufa of Mono Lake, by Del

10/20/08: Klamath, San Bernardino and Owyhee National Forests out for comments

10/14/08: Photography; Aspen Tree Bark Carvings of Historical and Spanish Basque

10/7/08: Being Prepared in an Emergency -- Rompalicious and Ready Freddy

10/7/08: Olympic4x4 Products Unveils New Dave's Rack for JK Jeep Wrangler

9/30/08: Friends of Eldorado National Public Lands Day Event (CA)

9/30/08: (CA) Tahoe National Forest Plan (Route Dez) Released for Public Comment

9/27/08: Book Review; Nevada Trails; and Backcountry Adventures Colorado

9/24/08: Photo Essay: The Many Faces of the Mighty Mokelumne River by Del

9/23/08: Off-Road Expo, Pomona, CA -- huge off-road event for everyone!

9/14/08: Photo Shoot (Nature) from Hope Valley, CA, Highway 88, by Del

9/14/08: PowerTank Sale on Monster Valves for Your Tires

9/3/08: Cantina for the 'Con (Rubicon Trail) 2008 Another Huge Success - Press Release

9/2/08: 4x4 Club Witnesses USFS Wildfire (Burnside) While on Club Campout

8/27/08: Wilderness Bill Needs a Thumping from Motorized Recreationists -- BRC Alert

8/25/08: Slick Rock Trail Clean Up and Trail Maintenance Day, Sat. Sep. 6th; Volunteers Needed

7/30/08: Donates WINCH to RLTC Leadership Course -- Get your name in the hat

7/23/08: Albright Jeep on Cover of Low-RANGE Magazine -- Seein' Red Looks Great in Moab.

7/23/08: BlueRibbon Coalition Board of Directors Elections -- Members Please Vote!

7/22/08: Del's Latest Article/Column -- What to do in this trying economy (with recreation)

7/21/08: Rubicon Work Weekend with Jeepers Jamboree Folks -- Cadillac Hill with FOTR

7/16/08: Sweetwater Mountain Photo Show -- Wheelin' on Top with Mike Stoller

7/10/08: Warn Industries Supports Del's Leadership Training with Donated PullzAll Tool.

7/9/08: Friends of Greenhorn (FOG) Press Release on Public Process (and closures)

7/8/08: Del's Online Leadership Course Now Has 10 Business Sponsors Giving Swag to Grads!

7/8/08: NEPA Appeals Process Explained

7/7/08: Jeep Jamboree USA and JPFreek Adventure Magazine Digital Alliance Announced

7/2/08: CA Campfire Restrictions in Effect -- most National Forests and BLM Areas

7/2/08: BlueRibbon Coalition Launches New Vehicle Donation Program (Charity Donation)

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7/1/08: AEV Releases Nth Degree Long Arm Kit for TJ (press release)

6/26/08: FOTR Rubicon Trail June 2008 Work Weekend Photo Essay and Report

6/24/08: Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC) Job Priority List for the Rubicon Trail, 2008

6/23/08: California Wildland Fire Advisory and Situation as of June 2008

6/18/08: Clear Creek (CCMA) Letters Needed by June 21 -- let's save Clear Creek

6/17/08: Inyo County Meetings (CA) on Wilderness Bills (public input needed)

6/17/08: FOTR June Workday, HAM Repeater Vault Construction

6/17/08: Leadership News and Tips (RLTC/VLLS) from Del Albright, June 2008

6/15/08: Cape Hatteras National Seashore OHV Friendly Legislation

6/14/08: Gold Mining Tour in Tuolumne County -- with Outdoor Writers. We found gold!

6/14/08: Del's National Land Use and Access Newsletter (June 2008)

6/14/08: Article: Starting an Off-Road Park, by David Killion, OHV Park Owner

6/11/08: Del Featured in Low-RANGE Magazine, May-June 2008, Rubicon, TDS

6/4/08: BlueRibbon Coalition Testifies at Senate OHV Hearing in Washington, DC.

6/3/08: Article: Dust Devils, Cynical Politics of Radical Protectionists, by Tim Findley, Range Mag.

6/2/08: Tellico OHV Area Needs Help -- Rescue Tellico! Lawsuit Filed by us!

6/2/08: Olympic4x4 Products Turns 60 Years Old -- One of Del's Sponsors!

6/1/08: ATV Jamboree, Mono County, CA, on the CA/NV border, June 19-22, 2008

5/30/08: Recreational Trails Update as of May 2008 (your state situation)

5/29/08: Bikini Car Wash Raises Money for Access -- Friends of the Eldorado Nat'l Forest (FOE)

5/22/08: One of a Kind Helmet Auctioned to Help BlueRibbon Coalition

5/22/08: Recreation Groups (Cal4wheel) Respond to Access Threats in Southern CA

5/22/08: Recreation Groups Announce Intent to File Lawsuit for Tellico OHV Area

5/12/08: FOTR Rubicon June Workday Signup Sheet

4/17/08: Article by Del, Collaboration -- can it really work?

4/1/08: JP Coolers on the Del Albright Jeep -- a Product Review

3/29/08: Save "the Hammers" Web Site Launched -- Johnson and Stoddard Valley OHV Areas

3/28/08: Hammers Townhall Meeting with Duncan Hunter -- Johnson Valley

2/11/08: Powertank February Sale -- Nitrogen Kit and Economic Stimulus Package

2/10/08: Trailer Servicing -- Brakes and Bearings (at D2 Trailer Sales)

1/31/08: Hold Special Auction to Support Rubicon Trail Foundation

1/28/08: Article: Of Boards and Bureaucracies, by Del Albright

1/22/08: Roads, Roadless and Route Designation Defined -- with helpful and simplified explanations

1/22/08: Radio Show about Access -- Bob Crandall on ATVs Today

1/15/08: Premier Power Welder Saves the Day (Winter Fun Fest, CA4WDC)

1/14/08: BlueRibbon Wins Big in CA, Six Rivers NF; Roadless Area Appeal - decision reversed!

1/14/08: ORBA and ASA Looking for Super Show Volunteers (Feb. 9-10)

1/4/08: On the Rocks TV (four-wheeling) Debuts on the Outdoor Channel (with Del)

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12/29/07: Don Amador's Top Ten Recreation Predictions for 2008 (for fun)

12/29/07: Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association Needs Our Help - 12 RMP's in the works!

12/29/07: Ed Klim Writes on Understanding Government Regulations (NEPA)

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12/29/07: Idaho Gem State ATV Association -- first Newsletter and new Association formed!

12/3/07: Friends of Greenhorn Creek Inaugural Work Day (story, web site and press release)

12/2/07: Friends of Eldorado National Forest Inaugural Work Day (story and pics).

11/30/07: FOTR (Rubicon) 2008 Annual Meeting (February) Sign Up Here

11/26/07: High Lakes (Lassen National Forest) Tour of OHV Area (by Don Amador, BlueRibbon)

11/26/07: 2008 Elections Coming Soon -- Read what to much at stake in 2008

11/26/07: Tennessee OHV Folks Organize First Ever OHV Conference -

11/26/07: Web Site for Finding Clubs and Businesses in Many States

11/16/07: Cabela's Store Opens in Reno (Boomtown), NV -- outdoors delight!

11/14/07: Volunteer Leader Training (VLLS); Robbs Resort; Press Release and photo essay

11/14/07: Precision Gear Helps Del's Jeep -- new 4.88's Donated to the Cause!

10/27/07: Travel and 4x4 (SUV) Books HUGE Sale!!! at Adler Publishing

10/25/07: Bishop, CA, Fall Colors, SUV Roads and Rock Art

10/24/07: SB 742 Explained -- OHV Commission and Green Sticker Program Gets Revamped

10/23/07: Amador County Supports "New and Improved" DEIS for Eldorado National Forest

10/14/-07: Rubicon National Public Lands Day and Hummer/GM Grant to the Rubicon

10/8/07: Pomona Off Road Expo -- flics, rockcralwers and the show!

10/4/07: Friends of High Lakes - Public Lands Day Event -- Huge Success for Lassen Nat'l Forest

10/4/07: Friends of the Rubicon Work Day and Public Lands Day Event Photos

9/25/07: Friends of Eldorado Go Live; Up and Running. Join Up. Stop the closures!

9/25/07: Friends Groups - how to start them -- updated article and formula (by Del)

9/25/07: EarthRoamer Camper Crosses the Rubicon Trail (pics and press release)

9/23/07: FOTR Presentation on FOTR Successes and Winter Access

9/12/07: Rubicon FOTR July 2007 Workday, Tahoe Side, Rock 'n Roll Party (photos)

9/11/07: Moonlight Fire in CA Bursts Thru Inversion Layer clouds -- by Don Amador

9/10/07: FOTR Accomplishments to date....list of projects and successes!

9/6/07: Call to Action by Lance Clifford for BlueRibbon Coalition

8/24/07: Eldorado NF Extends DEIS Comment Period to Oct. 19th.

8/23/07: Hummer/GM Supports Rubicon Trail with Large Grant and Help

8/23/07: National Public Lands Day Event and Workday (Tahoe Side of Rubicon Trail)

8/22/07: Rubicon Workday, Wentworth Springs, BFGoodrich Tires Event

8/15/07: All-4-Fun Four-wheeling Event, Mile-Hi Jeep Club, Salida, CO, 2007

8/14/07: David Showalter and Mountain Memories DVD's for YOU!, by Del Albright

8/14/07: Tread Lightly! Launches new Off Road Videos (Training Series) - way cool.

8/10/07: BFGoodrich Tires, New MT T/A km2 Design; Evaluation by Del Albright

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8/7/07: CA4WDC Announces FUN DAY (to replace the Sierra Trek that Never Was).

7/23/07: Slickrock Trail Club Run, Motherlode Rockcrawlers 4WD Club

7/22/07: Initiates Major Fund-Raiser to Fight the Eldorado NF Closures!

7/20/07: Del-A-Gram for July 2007, California Access Newsletter from Del Albright

7/20/07: FOTR Workday, June 30, 2007 Project Report and Pictures

7/10/07: The Wilderness Train, article

7/18/07: Gem of Nevada Trail System Officially Opens, Elko, NV

7/18/07: ATV Jamboree, Elko, NV (3rd Annual)

5/9/07: Your Carbon Footprint, by Rick Pewe, Editor, Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road

4/30/07: "Go Green" in Your Outdoor Recreation; article by Del.

4/26/07: Rubicon Trail Patrol Training and Signups (May 2007)

4/21/07: FOTR Announces new Rubicon Work Days for 2007 (signup here).

3/7/07: Calico Mountains Cleanup a Huge Success (southern CA), using the RICS event system

3/6/07: Merging Traffic (in motorized recreation), Article by Del.

3/5/07: Del Writes on the San Rafael Swell for RoadTrip America.

2/26/07: Boxer Wilderness Bill Threatens California Public Lands again

2/14/07: Del's Jeep: Arabia's Overkill Puts Finishing Touches on Rebuild of "Red"

2/5/07: Rubicon Trail Accepted into BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails Program -- grant $$ on the way.

2/1/07: Chili Cook Off at Icehouse Resort, Feb. 3rd, open to the public.

1/31/07: (CA) Knoxville OHV Area Annual Cleanup Announced.

1/29/07: Book Review: OHV Management Guidelines, Tom Crimmins and NOHVCC.

1/16/07: Rubicon Trail Winter Access Voluntary Restriction Announced by County and USFS

1/11/07: Puts Pooh in its Place with trail toilets and sanitation supplies for everyone.

1/11/07: Kids Program for OHV Recreation worth checking out from NOHVCC

1/3/07: A Dedication to Walter "DaTurtl" Swiacki, a good friend, gone too soon.

1/2/07: Wilderness Unlimited (Hunting/Fishing Club) Honors Landowners

1/1/07: Del Launches "Empowering Leadership" -- series of articles

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12/31/06: ORBA SuperShow and FJ Cruiser Raffle

12/31/06: Article: Resolving Problems in Recreational Clubs, by Del Albright

12/20/06: Calif. State Parks Releases OHV Fuel Tax Study -- Funding cuts coming?

12/20/06: Don Amador on OHV Sound Testing in Tennessee, Loretta Lynn's Ranch

12/18/06: Nine Mile Canyon, Utah Road Trip (by Del) on RoadTrip America

12/11/06:  Primedia Magazines Step Up to Help Access (Feb. 07 issues).

12/11/06: Warn Winch Introduces New Power Plant Winch/Air Compressor

12/7/06: FOTR (Rubicon) Announces Annual Meeting for 2007

12/6/06: Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Class #2 Graduates!

12/1/06:  Holiday Sale and Winter Sanitation Note (from Del) -- don't bury it in the snow!

11/28/06: SEMA Show 2006, Las Vegas, NV -- a photo report of Big Trucks and 4x4 Products

11/26/06: Cantina for the 'Con Raises Huge Rubicon Donation -- Dysfunctional Rockcralwers do it again!

9/28/06: Premier Power Welder Now in Del's Jeep, Helping Weld a Solid Future for Our Trails.

9/1/06: 2006 Rubicon Roundup Wrap Up (so far). Article, credits and stats.

8/29/06: Rubicon Work Weekend a Huge Success -- See Photos of Walker Hill Repairs  (FOTR)

8/26/06: Off Road Hall of Fame Inducts Clark Collins, BlueRibbon Coalition

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8/17/06: BlueRibbon Releases Beta Public Lands Page and Links to Route Designation (CA Forests)

8/16/06: Rights and Responsibilities, article (Op/Ed) by Don Amador, BlueRibbon Coalition

8/16/07: Enviros Sue BLM over CA OHV plan (news release from SEMA)

8/1/06: Dune Buggy Emission Standards Approved by CARB (CA) -- Good News! (ORBA Press Release)

7/25/06: Nevada Group Receives National Recognition, Chuck Worley Honored (Wilson Canyon)

7/25/06: Off-Roaders for Pombo, New Coalition Formed -- Join Now (CA)

7/21/06: Roadless, Road and Route Designation Definitions - to clarify this mess.

7/21/06: OHV Insurance for Clubs and OHV Parks now available, from NOHVCC

7/19/06: News Release: Recreation Groups Support Access Protections in Wilderness Bill

7/16/06: Volunteers Still Needed for July 22nd Rubicon Trail Project Work

7/16/05: Article; Track-n-Tackle Stop'n Rob, by Del Albright, July 2006

7/15/06: Tahoe Side Press Coverage, Doug Barr, July 06 Tour, AWESOME!

7/13/06: Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication Becomes Premier Del Sponsor

7/13/06: Rubicon Trail Patrol Seeking Volunteers for Exciting Work

7/12/06: CTM U Joints Donate to Help Rebuild Del's Jeep (sponsor)

7/12/06: DJ Safety Belts Del in the Jeep (sponsor donation)

7/12/06: BlueRibbon Backcountry Press Release and Wilderness Survey

7/10/06: Cantina for the 'Con, 2006; Rubicon Trail Fund Raiser Announced!

7/8/06: Cal4wheel contines support of Rubicon Trail with donation of supplies

7/5/06: Tribute to a dearly departed friend...on his birthday. (Del's pal, "Mike")

6/6/06: Del to Try Out for Movies (4x4 TV show)

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6/6/06: Ted Gaines and Rubicon/Off Road Issues

6/4/06: Rubicon Work Day Report (Gatekeeper), June 3, 2006

6/2/06: Rubicon Work Weekend Sign Up Form (June 24, 2006)

6/2/06: CA - Calaveras County; Cell Phone Rip Off (Higher Wireless)

6/1/06: Richard Pombo Takes on the Liberals -- please show your support.

6/1/06: Clark Collins Elected to OHV Hall of Fame, ceremony in August 2006

5//29/06:  Memorial Day, a day to remember and be thankful

5/29/06: Ed Waldheim, famous OHVer, walks for cancer -- please help.

5/25/06: Article: "Putting a Shine on It" by Greg Mumm, BlueRibbon Coalition

5/24/06: President Bush Proclaims June as Great Outdoors Month

5/24/06: Snowmobilers Adopt Children (Candle Lighters) for a Play Day (Oregon)

5/22/06: Article: Redistributing (Managing your piles and desk)

5/22/06: Rubicon Trail Master Plan Draft Available (online)

5/15/06: Rubicon Work Day Planned, Saturday, June 3rd. Gatekeeper!

5/15/06: Save Our Sweetwaters (and Pine Nuts, Pine Grove and Wilson Canyon)

5/11/06: Powertank Continues to Support Access with Generous Donations

4/7/06: Compromise -- They Wouldn't Compromise. Why Would You? Article by Del

4/6/06: Recreational Groups Attain Party Status in Roadless Lawsuit

4/6/06:  Public Meeting on Rubicon EIR Announced for 4/18/06

3/11/06: BRC/USA-ALL Alert -- MOAB, and Easter Jeep Safari 2006 New Rules!

3/10/06: Advance Adapters Joins Del's Rebuild Team with a new Atlas Tcase

2/28/06: Del Writes on Allegiance (article) -- Teddy Roosevelt Said it Best.

2/19/06: Del Writes for RoadTrip America (RTA)

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2/19/06: AJeepThing.Com Web Site Review.

2/18/06: PowerTank Product Reivew -- Better than an Air Compressor! (by Del)

2/16/06: Del Writes of Death Valley Scotty (a Tall Tale) on Road Trip America.

2/16/06: Chloride Cliffs, Death Valley, an SUV Tour (story by Del on Road Trip America).

2/16/06:  Off Roaders Give Eldorado County Sheriff another Off Road Rig

2/15/06: Dunes Enthusiasts Needed to Attend Important Desert Dist. Meeting (CA)

2/15/06: Del's Jeep is at Wyotech College for a complete OVERHAUL!

2/13/06: Del Speaks at Pacific Northwest 4WD Convention; Warn Winch donates!

2/3/06: OHV Groups File Suit to Defend Logan Canyon Winter Recreation (BRC Media Release)

2/3/06: Send Letter TODAY! Tolowa Dunes, CA; BRC Action Alert

2/2/06: Off-Road Groups Sue CA OHV Commission

1/11/06: New Executive Director Hired at Off-Road Business Association (ORBA)

1/11/06: Tellico OHV Area in Trouble -- Emails Needed Now, please!

1/7/06: Endangered Species Act Explained

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2005 (2004, 2006)

12/17/05: Vegas Valley Hump and Bump in Logandale, NV, 2005

12/16/05: 18th Annual National Trails Symposium -- National Recreational Trails

12/15/05: Range Magazine for Everyone Who Cares -- by Del

12/6/05: Senator Bill  Morrow (CA), Needs Our Support

12/6/05: CA Assembly Candidate Needs Our Support -- Joel Anderson

12/6/05: Win this Awesome ORBA $100,000 Buggy -- Buy a ticket soon!

12/6/05: The Many Roads of the Rubicon Trail explained -- Wentworth; McKinney.

11/28/05: FOTR Annual Meeting Sign Up Sheet; Feb. 25th 2006

11/28/05: CA4WDC Land Use Meeting, Feb. 4th 2006

11/22/05: Amador/Calaveras County (CA) Folks Read this: Jackson Express Lube

11/21/05: Gatekeeper Blasted! Rubicon Trail Rookie Filter demolition job.

11/20/05: Del's Jeep Takes a Flop! (sideways roll). No one hurt.

11/16/05: Tuffy Security Products Support Del's Work Keeping Trails Open

11/16/05: Compliments to Roundeyes.Com, a business helping us with access.

10/20/05: Rubicon FOTR Celebration Camp Out, Nov. 19-20, 2005, Buck Island Lake

10/20/05: USFS Appeals Categorical Exclusion Court Ruling (BRC Alert)

10/14/05: Recreational Trails Program News (October 2005)

9/29/05: BlueRibbon Announces New Executive Director, Greg Mumm

9/16/05: BlueRibbon's Adena Cook Selected for National Roadless Committee

9/15/05: CA OHV Commission Audit and Post Audit Hearings Requested

8/31/05: Cover Photos by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Magazine.

8/27/05" Article: The Endangered Species Act and the Fisherman, by Del Albright

8/6/05: The Proper Care and Feeding of Volunteers (Article by Dan Stra and Del Albright)

8/5/05: Cantina for the 'Con (Rubicon) Fund Raiser, September 3-4, 2005

8/5/05: Jeepers Jamboree 53rd Annual Rubicon Trail Run

8/5/05:  Jeep Jamboree, USA, Ghost Town SUV Trip, Bridgeport, CA

8/4/05: Alaska Four Wheeling -- the Alaska 4WD Meet and Greet 2005.

8/3/05: Congress Passes Recreational Trails Funding bill (Highway Authorization Bill)

8/2/05: Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon 4WD Tour and Photo Shoot

7/28/05: Rubicon August 20th Work Weekend Plans (Projects)

7/20/05: Spider Lake (Rubicon Trail) Closes Again for 2005.

6/30/05: They're After Our Kids; Del's Latest Article.

6/30/05: Rubicon Trail August 20th Work Weekend Receives Benefactors for Expenses!

6/30/05: RS 2477 Update from Brian Hawthorne, BlueRibbon Coalition.

5/21/05: Minnesota 4WD Association Annual Meeting and Four-Wheeling Gilbert OHV Area

5/19/05: Hollister MTA Mud N Yer Eye Frolic, Hollister SVRA

5/18/05: Motorized Recreation Summit 2005, Washington DC, Announced!

4/27/05: Cingular Wireless -- Recreational Buyer Beware! It may not work!

4/22/05: Del's article on Living with Conflict in Recreation, May 2005

4/1/05: FLPMA (Federal Land Policy and Management Act Explained, by Brian Hawthorne

3/29/05: Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2005

3/17/05: Friends of the Rubicon Response to Master Plan Draft, March 2005.

3/17/05: Edelbrock Supports Friends of the Rubicon

3/16/05: Tierra Del Sol Annual Desert Safari, March 4-6, 2005, Salton Sea, CA

2/20/05: 4Wheeling Radio Internet Talk Show Gets New Web Site

2/16/05: FOTR (Rubicon) Annual Meeting, Feb. 26th, 2005, Sacramento.

2/12/05: PRIORITY ALERT: Furnace Creek Comments Needed ASAP (easy to do).

2/11/05: Article: Gruesome But Beautiful Threesome, trail report, Dusy, Moab and Rubicon, by Del Albright, posted on 4x4NOW.Com.

2/7/05: CA4WDC Annual Convention 2005

2/7/05: OHV (Proposed) Programmatic Agreement on Heritage (archeology) Sites in CA, Official Comments, CA4WDC.

2/1/05: Article: Basic Training for Life, Rules for Recreationists, by Del Albright

1/26/05: BlueRibbon Coalition Special Auction at Indy Show, Feb. 2005.

1/24/05: SEMA News on Responsible Four Wheeling -- supporting our sport.

1/23/05: Rubicon Trail Master Plan Meeting Results, 1/22/05 Public Meeting Notes.

1/18/05: Winter Fun Fest Snow Wheeling Trip (CA4WDC), Grass Valley, CA

1/14/05: Rubicon Trail Master Plan Public Meeting Announcement - Jan. 22nd.

1/9/05: "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton, Book Review, by Don Amador

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2004 (2005, 2006)

12/29/04: 4Wheeling Radio Show -- AllTalkRadio.Net with Bob Crandall, 4Wheeling Today. Give a listen!

12/28/04: NEPA Flow Chart (NEPA made easy to understand and follow), by John Stewart

12/27/04: Don Amador (BRC) on Unmanaged Recreation (at the WOW Conference)

12/24/04: Bush Administration Overhauls Forest Management Rules

12/22/04: Article: Conservation Triangle by John Stewart

12/16/04: Rubicon Trail Master Plan, Recommendations for the future of the trail.

12/11/04: New Site Map and Index for DelAlbright.Com

12/7/04: NEPA: A New Look at Understanding NEPA, by John Stewart

12/6/04: Volunteer Leadership Workshops (VLLS) Planned for Texas and New England

12/6/04: Article: Rules for Great Spotters (by Dan Stra)

12/5/04:  Spider Lake Private Property Closure 2004-2005.

12/4/04: Rubicon Public Meeting Results (Dec. 4, 2004)

11/25/04: Season's Greetings from Del

11/25/04: 2004 SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV

11/25/04: Del's Annual 2004 Newsletter on Access, Land Use and the Rubicon Trail.

11/24/04: NEPA Explained and Summarized

11/24/04: Rubicon Public Meeting on Master Plan Announced (Dec. 4th)

11/23/04: Rubicon Trail Foundation Board Meeting Nov. 23, 2004

11/10/04: Rubicon Spider Lake Re-Opens Nov. 10th, 2004.

10/24/04: Western Outdoor Writers Elects Del to Board of Directors (photo essay)

10/19/04: CA: Riverside County Riders Need Help with right to ride.

10/19/04: Del's Jeep Makes Magazine Cover of BlueRibbon

10/18/04: Elko, NV, Fall Colors Wheeling and Ghost Town Trip

10/16/04: Roadless Comment Period Extended to Nov. 15, 2004

10/15/04: ORBA Hires New Land Use Director, Bill Dart

10/1/04: Off Roaders For Bush and Bill Jones Stickers Available -- FREE.

9/27/04 : Clark Collins Resumes Executive Director Job at BRC

9/26/04: Clark Collins (BRC) Receives Prestigious AMA Award for Motorcycling Advocacy

9/26/04: BlueRibbon Fall Board Meeting, Pocatello, Idaho

9/16/04: ORBA President Testifies on Endangered Species Act (Pombo Hearing)

9/15/04: Frivolous Lawsuit Bill Passed that may slow anti-access litigation efforts

9/13/04: OHV Rule Comments (USFS) by BlueRibbon Coalition

9/12/04: Rubicon Volunteer Appreciation Day, Rubicon Trail.

9/9/04: Dunsmuir/Mt. Shasta Four-Wheeling Adventure

9/7/04: BlueRibbon's Don Amador Testifies Against Boxer Bill

9/5/04: Article: Softening the Iron Grip of Club Elders and Founders

8/27/04: Mormon Emigrant Trail, High Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

8/26/04: President Bush Issues Executive Order to help protect private property.

8/25/04: Historic Photo of Del and John Stewart discussing trail sanitation.

8/16/04: Rubicon Kiosk and Miller Creek - Projects by FOTR

8/7/04: Sierra Trek (CA4WDC) 2004

8/7/04: Rubicon: Spider Lake Emergency Cleanup

8/7/04: Rubicon: Spider Lake Emergency Cleanup

8/1/04: A Call to Quills (article by Del Albright)

7/26/04: 10-Point Plan to Manage the Rubicon Trail.

7/26/04: Off Roaders for Bush and Jones Campaign (CA) (Unofficial)

4/04: Death Valley CA Trip

2004, 2005, 2006

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