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Recreational Leadership
Training Course (RLTC)

Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS)

Recreational LeadershipTraining Course (RLTC)
and the Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship (VLLS) Workshop

Learn 10 ways to help your club. Get 3 new public speaking tips. Avoid burning out. Help save your favorite trail or riding area. Take this training and you'll be on the way. Contact me to get started; pay later. Del

RLTC New SiteNEW RLTC Website for Volunteer and Leadership Online Training here.

Sign up here by emailing Del for the RLTC online correspondence course on How to lead volunteers to victory! RLTC is the online correspondence course that you take by email. Read more. Get swag and goodies for graduating!

VLLS is the hands-on, 3-day leadership workshop available by request. Read more.

If you're looking for the leadership workshop (VLLS), click here.
RLTC Business Sponsors
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Swag for Grads! (click here)
20 Businesses sponsor all graduates with FREE gift certificates and freebies just for finishing Del's RLTC leadership training course. PLUS your names goes in the hat for a huge year-end drawing that includes a winch.

$120 for BRC Members. Start Today. 1/2 price deals available. Pay later if needed. Start anyway.

More here.

What is RLTC?

  • Over 200 pages of material, info, articles, advice, & training.
  • 35 years worth of most every tip, trick and tap dance I know.
  • May help you get event insurance.
  • Will help you increase membership in your group.
  • Will keep you from re-inventing wheels.
  • Will help you in your work and personal life as well.
  • Will make you a foundation for leading volunteers to victory!
  • All done by correspondence (email)

Why Take RLTC?

Is your club or group loosing volunteers?
Are personalities affecting your club or event?
Do you long to become a better public speaker?
Do you wish you knew more about land stewardship?
Do your club meetings run way too long?
Ever wish you had a better system for organizing events, rides, and meetings?

and you'll get great swag and goodies for your rig just for finishing the course!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then RLTC is for you!

NOTE: If you want leadership training, I suggest you begin immediately by taking the RLTC correspondence course offered here. Then, stay in touch with me and watch for the hands-on workshop -- VLLS -- in your area. I am scheduling them more and more.

But start with RLTC, you can do that in your spare time and get a lot of information and tips on leading volunteers to victory.

Available to all recreationists in all sports. It will teach you how to be more productive, and effectively do several things at once!

(Photo at right by Reno DiTullio of "Two Jumpin' Dels")

Done by correspondence (email). Work at your own pace!
10 Modules of over 200 pages of info on leadership. Read more (Next RLTC Page)

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