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Higher Wireless (Cingular Wireless) of Angels Camp, CA -- Buyer Beware!

Higher Wireless of Angels Camp, CA, Cingular Wireless cell phone service providers (sub contractors of CPD Wireless) are a major bunch of amateurs ripping off and mistreating the public.  I can attest to this first hand. Do not buy from Higher Wireless for your cellular needs, phones, and service if you live in Calaveras or Tuolumne County. Go elsewhere.

I was publicly cussed at and had to resort to calling the Sheriff to get my money back on a legitimately returned phone package. Do not buy from Higher Wireless or even shop there in Angels Camp, CA. Find another cell phone store.

After trading in my broken Razr phone, I bought a package that included ear phones, syncing software, and phone chargers. I shortly returned the syncing software because it didn't work and there were too many hidden charges that Higher Wireless didn't tell me about. It was supposed to allow me use my Razr a modem to make dial up email connections. Not. You have to pay for this service. They didn't tell me that. And it's spendy.

Higher Wireless promptly charged me a "restocking" fee because they claimed that the restocking fee was part of the deal as noted on their receipt (not my contract) as I was not returning the whole package. So I got charged for returning part of the package.

When I returned the whole package on June 1st, less than 30 days after buying the package, they charged me a restocking fee on the returned Razr, AND they didn't want to return my restocking fee on the syncing software as "that was a whole separate transaction." I was flabbergasted (but calm). I asked for my money back and emphatically told them there was no restocking fee in my signed contract and why was returning this phone so difficult when it is clearly an option in my Cingular contract?

I was then connected by speaker phone to the owner, "Daniel" who immediately started to berate me and accuse me of being unworthy of being a customer of his and how I was not welcome in his store and that I was a "fuc&^%$@ jerk!" (real actual quote). All this was said over a speaker phone being held by "Dar" who works there (Daniels' sister I guess).

Regardless, I had to resort to calling the Sheriff's office to get my money back on a signed contract that said clearly I could return the equipment for no fees or penalties as long as I kept the Cingular service (which I did). They tried to convince me that the contract (signed) didn't matter, it was their cash register receipt that mattered more....which had a restocking fee noted on it.  I explained to them that the register receipt came AFTER the contract, was not signed like the contract, and that most customers don't read all that garbage on the bottom of a register receipt. More importantly, the customer does not see the register receipt until AFTER the sale, after the contract is signed. So it's shady at best and probably illegal.

I have never been treated so rudely (and probably illegally) by any business in my life. Higher Wireless is not the place to buy your cell phone or cellular products. Go elsewhere. I am complaining to the Better Business Bureau, CPD Wireless (their distributor) and anyone else I can think of. Higher Wireless of Angels Camp needs to go out of business or change their whole attitude and shady practices.

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Email me if you have any questions.

Del 6/2/06

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