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Healthy Forest Bills and No More Wilderness Bills. CALLS NEEDED.

The catastrophic wildfires in Southern California are graphic examples of the need for the Senate to move forward in the passage of the Healthy Forest Bill. Senator Boxer & other senate holdouts needs to be told emphatically that she must now acknowledge that the "Not In My Backyard", "Bury Her Head In The Sand" approach to passing the bill is no longer valid. We need to let Senator Boxer and others know that no one is exempt from the consequences of poor public land management policy.

You may wish to remind them:

* The $50-100 million that will be spent in southern California fire suppression could have been wisely utilized in application of sound land management practices. This may very well have eliminated the $2 billion in property loss, saved the lives of at least 16 people and provided needed anchor points from which the fire fighters could safely begin their operations.

* Unfortunately, Southern California is paying the price for having not continued the maintenance of fire-breaks through brush fields and thinning of the national forests. People have lost their lives, homes and fortunes, while politicians have bargained with radical environmentalists on how to protect the habitat of the kangaroo rat, gnatcatcher, snakes, other animals and various plant species with nothing more for substance than "junk science."

* Northern California experienced the same process that stopped sensible forest management under the guise of destruction to the Northern Spotted Owl and the California Spotted Owl. We knew then and it has since been substantiated that the "sky is falling" story by radical environmentalists and the subsequent agency studies reported as "Best Available Science" were wrong. Now, more animal habitat and important watersheds throughout the west are being destroyed, because of the ability of Sierra Club, Wilderness Society and other groups (including much of the news media) to convince the public that tree and brush removal of any kind is unnecessary and will totally destroy our "ecosystems." The "Before and After" photographs of the Los Angeles and San Diego areas should make it evident that tree thinning and brush field fire breaks are much easier on the landscape and the animals.

* H.R. 1904--The Healthy Forest Restoration Act-- is a start by the House of Representatives that all Senator's should embrace before they break for recess. Senator Feinstein does understand the importance of sound forest management. Those Senators whose states lost hundreds of thousands of acres to wildfires and now certainly California Senator Barbara Boxer should not face their constituents until they are able to truthfully tell them, " I now understand why forest and rangelands must be utilized----not put into preserves, or inhibited by poorly conceived 'environmental regulations'--and I am working to save your natural resources, homes and communities by the passage of the concepts in H.R. 1904."

* Tell your senator that you do not support the California Wild Heritage Wilderness Act of 2003 because it limits fire suppression and mechanical access for thinning.

Please keep telephoning the Senators below until they say "Yes."

Use the greens own toll-free number to make the call to your senator: 800-839-5276

Jeff Bingaman (D) New Mexico

Barbara Boxer (D) California

Ron Wyden (D) Oregon

Patty Murray (D) Washington

Tom Harkin (D) Iowa

Olympia Snowe (R) Maine

Susan Collins (R) Maine

John Warner(R) Virginia\

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